The Asset tracking & Alerts assistant for your NFT Portfolio.

The Asset tracking & Alerts assistant for your NFT Portfolio.

We are thrilled to launch Watson. Your asset tracking and alerts assistant from the house of Asset Money. It all comes to life. Today is the day. πŸŽ‰

In the evolving crypto ecosystem, it's a struggle to monitor collections and holdings spread across blockchain and platforms. For the first part, Asset Money

Why Do I Need Watson? πŸ€”

During our conversations with NFT Collectors, Flippers, Whales and even Builders, the struggle to monitor their collections and holdings was a common theme.

Some reasons that stood out were : 😎

  • Constantly needing to check Opensea for floor price
  • Good time to list & sell
  • Size of their portfolio - the larger the size, the higher the effort

What Can I Do with Watson? 🀨

Track any Collection : πŸ‘€
Set Floor Price alerts for any NFT collection and get notified via Email & Telegram.

Users can set alerts as to when the floor price sees an upward or downward, which can be expressed in both:

  • Percentage Change
  • Absolute or Static Change

Daily Portfolio Updates : πŸ˜ƒ
Once the user syncs their email/telegram, they’ll also receive the daily status of their portfolio & top movers in their bags.

Bulk Alerts : 🫑
Instead of setting up individual alerts, users can conveniently set alerts for all or multiple collections in their portfolio with a single click.

What is Coming Next? 🧐

Our priority is ensuring this version of Watson runs smoothly for our community, so we will be pushing bug fixes(if any) and updates as they are reported to us.

In the long term, we want Watson to be the smart assistant that solves all your queries even before you can ask for them.

We’ll be soon exploring support for more communication channels, including Discord & Wallet2Wallet Messaging Dapps, among others, adding Whale Alerts and working on minimising latency.

How Can I Help Asset Money Improve? πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Ratings & reviews help other people find Asset Money. They also encourage our team to continue what we are doing well and to re-imagine what needs improvement.

We are building Asset Money for you and us (yes, we use the product every day).

We are driven by feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Twitter or in Discord