Partnership Announcement: Sticky DAO (An NFT Alpha Community)

Partnership Announcement: Sticky DAO (An NFT Alpha Community)

We're beyond excited to partner with folks from Sticky DAO - Jeff and his team. Every Sticky DAO member will receive utility, allowing them to experience the ideal way to manage their NFTs using Asset Money. For the uninitiated, Sticky DAO is an alpha focused community of NFT collectors here to Stick Around™ in the meta-verse.

Over 80% of mint from their pfp collection will go towards their DAO's Treasury. The elected curators from the DAO will invest in future proof metaverse assets. What's impressive is their realised profits will be reinvested and distributed to DAO members.

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"I'm amazed with the portfolio solutions and constant product updates that Asset Money offers. As a team, we couldn't be happier to offer this utility to all Sticky DAO holders in the snapshot. It's a generous partnership and it will give great value to our community who are always looking for more accurate and efficient ways to manage their NFT portfolio. Working with the Asset Money team has been a wonderful experience and I hope our communities will continue to grow together for a long time to come" - Jeff, Founder of Sticky DAO

Why are we excited?

Unlike most DAOS, Sticky DAO has built a fantastic community with solid engagement and enthusiasm. In fact, it was also known as the NFT Society a while ago. They breathe NFTs 24/7, ever since they started growing as a collectors community.

NFT communities bring people together with a common interest for an instant connection and acceptance amongst a group of people who would otherwise be unknown to each other.

One of the most used tools by NFT collectors daily is portfolio management. Especially ones who can track and sync portfolios. And over the last year or so, we have witnessed a variety of NFT tools being launched, but most tools lack an accurate Estimate calculator.

We at Asset.Money wants the community members to experience our innovation.

We also hope to evolve and improve our product with the StickyDAO community's suggestions and feedback. The partnership will also allow us to learn from StickyDAO's expertise and intuition about the advanced NFT community.

With new features and fixes coming out every other day, we're confident that Sticky DAO holders will love using this tool.

Utility of Holding Sticky Token :

Let's see what we at Asset Money offer every holder of Sticky DAO's upcoming pfp collection.

  • 6 months free access pass to the product
  • 3 months of free access to Alerts: Receive Daily Portfolio Updates.
  • Access to showcase NFTs from different chains like Polygon, Solana and Tezos

About Asset Money :

Millions of people are buying NFTs, but the art of valuing NFTs is still new. Buying is easy; figuring out how much to sell your NFT is hard. Otherwise, you'll end up listing it for the floor price. While 'NFT tracking' tools exist, they often show you only the floor price of an NFT.

Using our proprietary Estimate API, we calculate the actual value of your NFTs based on rarity, traits, recent listing prices, sales velocity, and multiple other factors.

Since the making of  Asset.Money, we always have the vision not just to build up a platform for people to make money but take any form of advantage in the NFTs market.

Our showcase feature also lets you sync and view, all your NFTs across Ethereum, 0xPolygon, Solana, and Tezos.

You can create your own showcase page and share it with your friends/followers. The real fun is checking out other people's wallets and collections and their Estimated Value  👀 🤑.

We can't wait to learn from and build great stuff, ultimately making the experience of selling NFTs better at every level.

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